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Mindfulness Is The Practice Of Being Aware Of Your Body, Mind & Feeling In The Present Moment. Our Mission Is To Help People To Manifest Their Dream Life. Our Platform Offers Various Mindful Solutions Like Affirmation, Meditation, Healing, Mindful Music, Quotes.

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    9 easy steps to form the habits of mindfulness
    1. Let go

    2. Live in the present moment

    3. Breathe

    4. Look around

    5. Meditate

    6. Accept yourself

    7. Create a routine
    8. Be grateful
    9. Make Time

          Improve sleep

    5 Steps to Improve Your SLEEP

    1.Set your mindset:
    Sleep is a priority!

    2. Set your bedtime.
    Aim to get 7-9 hours every night.
    3. Write down your
    pre-bed MUST-dos.
    Like make your lunch for the next day.

    4. Write down your
    pre-bed RITUAL.
    Get in the mindset for bed.

    5. Improve external factors
    that affect your sleep outside of the bedroom
    We're talking diet, exercise, stress levels, etc...

        Decrease Anxiety levels

    Use Your Senses to Calm Anxiety
    STEP 01
    Look around your environment. What are 5 Things you see? A chair? A Wall hanging? A beautiful Scene outside?
    STEP 02
    What do you feel? Tactilely Engage with your Environment. By touching 4 Objects of different textures.
    STEP 03
    Consider what you can hear. 03 Identify and focus on 3 Sounds around you.
    STEP 04
    Engage your taste buds in At least 2 ways. Get a drink. eat, a snack, suck on a mint.
    STEP 05
    Find 1 delicious smell. A Candle, lotion, scent, Essential oil, etc...

        Mindful Eating

    Mindful Eating Tips 

    Consciously choose to eat, rather than Verbally or mentally, express gratitude for
    mindlessly eating without thought. the food you are eating, the people who
    Decide on purpose what to eat. prepared it, sold it, transported it, grew it
    Sit down & focus on on your food. — everyone who made the meal possible.


    Chew each bite deliberately and slowly.
    Experiment with counting your chews.
    How long can you stretch out your meal
    before you start to feel full?


    Notice the texture, aroma, and flavor.
    Is it crunchy, sweet, salty, smooth?
    Fully taste each bite.
    Enjoy the sensations of eating.

    Some ways to practice mindfulness

    Notice Body Sensation

    Notice Any Emotions That Comes To You

    Take The Mindful Shower

    Take A Mindful Walk

    Mindful Eating

    When You’re With Someone Notice Them Fully

    Do What You Love – And Be There

    What our customers are saying:

    Increased my mindfulness skills

    It helps me a lot, increase my ability to be in the present moment

    Amit Jain

    Product Manager

    Good Approach 

    Feeling awesome, feels like we're in a deep meditative state

    Amol Joshi


    Good understanding of mindfulness

    It is very helpful for those peoples who suffering from mental health related problem

    Priti Yadav


    Frequently Asked Questions

    What are some mindfulness Exercise?

    You can get started by practicing these simple one minutes exercise :

    • Just sit in a chair with feet flat on the ground & focus on berthing, after one minute open your eyes & resume activities
    • Pay attention to each steps while walking
    • Start your day with the attention to your body quickly. Pay attention to how each part of your body feels

    Is mindfulness good for Anxiety?

    One of the effective technique in mindfulness is focusing on the mind on the breath, that reduce anxiety because when we're focus on here & now, we're fixing on the past or future concerns   

    What exactly is mindfulness?

    Mindfulness involves being fully aware of your thoughts

    How do I teach my child mindfulness?

    • Eat a mindful snake
    • Take a mindful nature walk
    • Enlist a guide
    • Describe your own process of noticing, naming & using the breath to calm yourself.

    What age should you start mindfulness?

    By around Age 4

    Benefits of mindfulness

    • Mindfulness improves physical health
    • Mindfulness improves well-being
    • Mindfulness improve mental health