Choose a career that helps others achieve their fitness goals. Gold’s Gym Fitness Institute Personal Trainer Course Certification will help you build a successful career in the global fitness industry. 

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    GGFI courses are available in all 28 states and Union territories

    Gold’s Gym Fitness Institute is present in 6 cities – Mumbai, Delhi, Pune, Bengaluru, Bhopal and Kanpur. Fitness Industry is flourishing and is one of the most protuberant sectors in India and abroad. Gold’s Gym Fitness Institute offers firsthand knowledge on industry standards and help you pave your way to become the world class fitness trainer and gain recognition & respect through our personal training program. Be the first one to join the course and get certified as a personal trainer and open doors for new career opportunities in fitness industry.

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    What You Will Learn


    Sports Injuries & Special Populations



    Weight Training Technique

    Organ & Exercise Physiology

    International Standards Topics

    Basic Nutrition

    Female Fitness

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    Benefits of Certification 

    • Start your career as a personal trainer and become your own boss
    • Course is globally recognized
    • ACE certification is the certification has worldwide recognition.
    • 360 degree knowledge on exercise science
    • The most advance learning experience in the area of Personal Training
    • More career avenues open up in the fitness industry
    • Interactive digital learning and updates prepares you to get certified and launch your career in the fitness industry.

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    About GGFI

    GGFI started on 7th April 2006 on the “World Health Day” with the idea to spread knowledge about fitness and health to all. GGFI has always kept up to the changing and growing fitness industry with regular upgradation of the course content and faculty knowledge.

    Personal Trainer Certification

    Gold’s Gym Fitness Institute is scientifically equipped to provide best industry knowledge to the aspiring personal trainers. The USP of GGFI courses is the course content, each module is carefully crafted in the most understandable language and cover vast topics such as proper judgement about forms & techniques for different levels of fitness based on proven theories to minimize the risk of injuries and provide maximum benefits; knowledge on handling clients with special needs - geriatric / children / young adults / medical conditions / past history of injuries and much more.

    You will generate higher revenue with better knowledge which you can use in encouraging your clients to opt for personal training. Certified Trainers are more respected by clients and trusted to obtain desired results. Certified trainers talk the same language on the gym floor – improving the gym image.

    Career Opportunity

    • Freelance Personal Trainer
      (Earning capacity – Rs.25,000/- to 2 lakhs PM)
    • Trainer for Sports Professionals
      (Earning capacity – Rs.25,000/- to 2 lakhs PM)
    • Fitness / Sports Lecturer
      (Earning capacity – Rs.25,000/- to 3 lakhs PM)
    • Celebrity Trainer
      (Earning capacity – Rs.30,000/- to 3 lakhs PM)
    • Personal trainer Gym / Fitness Organization
      (Earning capacity – Rs.15,000/- to Rs.45,000/- PM)

    Course Curriculum

    • Type of Course: Certificate
    • Lecture Type: Theory & Practical
    • Types of Exams:
      Theory (100 marks)
      Practical (100 marks)
      Viva {Oral exam} (50 marks)
      (50% passing in each exam)
    • Offline course fees except Bhopal – Rs.40, 000/-
    • Bhopal course fees – Rs.19, 680/-
    • Online course fees – Rs.26, 000/-
    • Manual (English/ Hindi/ Marathi)
    • GGFI Kit – Bag & T-shirt