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    Gold’s Gym Fitness Institute is present in 6 cities – Mumbai, Delhi, Pune, Bengaluru, Bhopal and Kanpur. Fitness Industry is flourishing and is one of the most protuberant sectors in India and abroad. Gold’s Gym Fitness Institute offers firsthand knowledge on industry standards and help you pave your way to become the world class fitness trainer and gain recognition & respect through our personal training program. Be the first one to join the course and get certified as a personal trainer and open doors for new career opportunities in fitness industry.

    GGFI offers

    5 certification

    115 hours of lectures

    Practical knowledge at the gym

    Regular classroom lectures

    Study material

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    GGFI Advanced Personal Training Course

    As an aspiring Fitness Trainer, to get an entry in the fitness industry it is recommended to have a professional certification. Gold’s Gym Fitness Institute offers ACE accredited, globally recognized, certification that comprises of comprehensive training and the syllabus where you can learn all the relevant concepts related to the fitness Now you would have decided to become a gym trainer but there are so many courses available in the market it is difficult for anyone to choose the right one.

    GGFI Short Course - Sports Injuries

    An added knowledge on sports injury management gives you an auxiliary advantage over other trainers and coaches. You will be an ideal choice at any institution due to your high-level skills for clients with existing injuries who want to get back on track with a fitness program.

    GGFI Short Course - Female Fitness

    Understanding female anatomy and physiology and being able to design a program for women with special conditions will definitely help you excel in your career as a 360 degree skilled trainer. As more and more females are opting for physical transformation, it’s the need of an hour to find better trainers who specialize in Female Fitness.

    Other Courses

    GGFI Online Fast Track Course

    Want to become a personal trainer as soon as you can? This is just the course for you. Start your career in the fitness industry sooner with this specially designed course for the winners.

    GGFI Short Course - Calorie Blaster

    Learn about how to design effective fat-loss workouts for faster calorie burning. Learn how to design workouts without any equipment, maximizing the usage of available equipment and group training sessions.

    GGFI Functional Training

    Functional training is the new trend, more and more people want to learn about this calorie blasting workout that helps them reach their fitness goal sooner. Learn A to Z of functional training through this comprehensive functional training course.


    Mayur Abnave

    It's a very nice gym with world top class equipment of Life fitness and Hammer Strength, and people surrounding is also good, and staff of this branch is very kind, they help members very well and all the trainers are certified with good knowledge of teaching as well. Good place to achieve your goals.

    Utkrisht Kaushik

    So this place is more than just a gym. You can walk in and make friends that will guide you and help you out each time. They have great programs such as kickboxing, yoga, Zumba etc that you can opt for to change the routine once in a while. They have dedicated cardio and spinning sections with mood lighting and good instructors. The staff is humble and helpful whenever approached.

    Natasha Mondegari

    Amazing staff.!!! Hygiene is always a priority here. There are lockers to keep our bags. The personal trainers are extremely helpful. I have been training under Pranay Bane and sir has been most motivating.

    Pradip Andhale

    Hands down, best choice I’ve made training at Gold's Gym. VERY friendly team who make me actually want to go train. I look forward to walking through the doors and always feel amazing when I leave. Their trainers are exceptional, the overall vibe is great and I have had nothing but good experiences. I definitely recommend them to my friends and family.

    Tejas Pardeshi

    One of the best gyms to start your workout journey with. A very well managed Gym. Good staff. Good knowledge trainers. One of the special thing about the gym is positive energy, none of the gym have this kind of energy as compared to any other Gyms in this area. You will always feel energetic whenever you step in the Gym. Place doesn't matter at all it’s just the name its self-enough. I have joined in 2012 and was there for 4 year. NO COMPARISON WITH GOLD'S

    Ela Sharda

    Amazing gym with awesome trainers, especially my trainer Mr SANDEEP!! Space is ample, equipment are quite good, staff is very friendly and the whole atmosphere is filled with positive vibes. It’s been just four days since I have joined this gym, and I can already feel the difference. One of the best gyms I have come across. And the best in Pune. Bravo!!